Our products and services

We work with you, not just with your assets.

You’ll receive the exclusive service of a private bank embedded within the experienced, international Erste Group.

Our approach

  • Individual care and investment advice from our private bankers
  • High standards in the assessment of finances in the capital markets through individually managed portfolios
  • Customised investment solutions
  • Analysis and selection of the most suitable instruments
  • Optimal allocation of investments 
  • Active portfolio management – allowing us to react to the evolving macro-economic situation and to developments on the financial markets
  • Regular detailed reports on portfolio development, and information about the situation on the financial markets
  • More leisure time – management of your finances is handled by a professional portfolio manager working together with your private banker

Why diversify?

Asset Allocation aims to optimise risk adjusted returns. Diversification is key to achieve this goal.

This asset allocation diagram is exemplary and not a current strategy.

Trade-off between risk, liquidity and return

The three main objectives of an investment - the greatest possible degree of security, liquidity and a rate of return – cannot be achieved simultaneously. The investor defines which objective takes priority
in accordance with his or her preferences.

Non-systematic risks can be reduced considerably by diversification (spreading the assets among different asset classes).

Systematic risks, like natural disasters or wars, lie beyond the sphere of influence of the investor. Nevertheless, the portfolio manager steers the client’s portfolio to the best of his knowledge.

Our products and services