Banca Comerciala Romana (“BCR”) is an intermediary registered with the CNVM Register under no. NSC No PJR01INCR/400007 according to registration certificate 369/26.05.2006, office: No. 5 Regina Elisabeta Blvd, Bucharest Sector 3, Phone: 0801.0801.227, email: contact.center@ bcr.ro.

Notice to the client

This material is purely informative and does NOT constitute a recommendation for products or investments in financial instruments or an offer to purchase any products or investments in financial instruments which this material refers to. The Bank has no obligation or responsibility regarding the offering of the products presented to the client, as described in this material. Any reference to a quotation or bid price of this material in connection with a product / service is purely indicative and do not represent quotation or offer price available when the customer decides to purchase / contract that product / service. Detailed information on the specific terms and conditions under which clients may benefit from BCR products and services are provided to potential investors when applying for account opening and in due time before the provision of services requested.

It is possible that BCR, members of the Group or employees thereof to hold in their own name products, services or financial to which this material refers, to buy, sell or perform any other type of transaction with such financial instruments, to be market maker for such products, services or financial instruments, to offer investment banking services, lending or other services in connection with the relevant issuers specified in this material  or to provide intermediation services for public offerings in connection with such issuers.


Important notice!

  • The investments in products, services and/or financial instruments are subject to certain risks such as, the general market risks, risks related to the issuer such as its financial position or operational results, risks related to price variation (including price variation for structured instruments as compared with the underlying asset), dividends uncertainty or uncertainty of yields and/or profits, currency fluctuations etc;
  • BCR does not undertake any liability in connection with the yields of the financial instruments in the portfolio. The past performance of the financial instruments does not represent a guarantee for future performance. For an efficient transaction management, such aspects need to be considered when you decide upon the investment into financial instruments;
  • Financial instruments are not bank deposits and are not guaranteed by any governmental authority, and also not fall under the deposit guarantee scheme;
  • This instruments are not represents own BCR obligations or of its affiliates and are not guaranteed, except the situation when this is expressly mentioned in documents of the issue or the prospectus or other document containing the terms and conditions on a particular financial instrument.
  • Not all the investment products are suitable or adequate for any customer. In case the customer wishes to obtain advice / consultancy in connection with an investment in a product, service or a financial instrument, such customer shall contact separately the services of a specialized consultant in order to ensure that the respective product, service or financial instrument it desires to acquire is suitable for its needs or preferences and that the risks associated thereto are fully understood.